English people use phrasal verbs very regularly and it’s sometimes difficult to understand because they are not literal. For example, look for – look after – look up are all very different verbs. You will find phrasal verbs with “look” on a different post. Here are some common ones with the verb “come”.

We've come up with another sheet !

We’ve come up with another sheet !

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Isn’t it curious ? In French when you say “J’ai des informations importantes. Elles vinnent de Pierre.” the noun ‘informations’ is plural but in English we say “I have some important information. It comes from Peter.” the noun is singular … or so it seems.

In fact, in English we have many words that are ‘uncountable’. They cannot be used in the plural and the verb is used in the singular.

Students often make mistakes, so here is a list of ‘uncountable nouns.



gram - uncountable


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When you wish for something in English, you can say “I wish I had a new car !” You can also say “If only I had a new car !”. The expression “I wish …” has other uses also.


Different uses of the expression "I wish ..."

Different uses of the expression “I wish …”

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