And since you are probably wondering what the Procession of boats, described in the previous article, is like, here is a wonderful film of the event, shot in the 1960s.

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Now that you know the rules of cricket, here is a video of the top 10 Run outs in cricket history.  Who said cricket was a boring game?!

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For those of you who are interested in seeing this year’s trooping of the colours live (or almost), here is a small extract, courtesy of the BBC.  Enjoy!

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When you are looking for interesting historical facts, the TV show Horrible Histories is a good place to start.

Since this year marks the 70th anniversary of the 1945 armistice, we thought  a little recap of the war events was called for.

Bob Hale’s WWII report

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You all know Queen Elizabeth the second.  But did you know that the first English king was French?  Who was he?  William the Conquerer of course.  If you’ve ever wondered how to remember the list of English kings and queens, the fantastic team of “Horrible Histories” (the BBC Children TV show) are here to help with the following song.  Try to sing along (the lyrics are included!)

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Riverdance…..Many of you have undoubtedly heard of Riverdance. Many of you may have seen it performed. It is famous worldwide and has come to represent something quintessentially Irish.

But do you know how it started?

Riverdance is a show consisting of traditional Irish music and dance. It was originally created and performed during the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest hosted in Ireland.

It got expanded into a show and started being performed in February 1995.

Although the original troop, with various roles being replaced as the years went by, retired in 2011 after a farewell tour, the show is still represented in smaller venues with smaller groups of dancers.

And here for you, is the original interval debut of Riverdance.




Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

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HurlingHave you seen a stick like this before?

No? Well it’s a Hurling Stick. It’s a curious sport (unless you’re Irish, in which case it’s perfectly normal!) that involves sticks, balls, hands and lots of courage. Why? Beause it’s one of the most dangerous field games ever invented. My mother, who was Irish, had scars from various Hurling matches and she explained how you play it. However, she wouldn’t let me play !! Too dangerous !!

Here is a video from “youtube” that shows you what an amazing game it is.

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Laurel_&_Hardy_in_Flying_Deuces_1_edited Abbott_and_Costello_circa_1940sYou probably know the names Laurel and Hardy. They were very famous from the 1920s to the 1940s.

After this remarkable duo, another pair of comics became celebrities: Abbott and Costello. They were famous in the 40s and 50s.

In this particular sketch, Abbott owes his landlord 7 weeks’ rent and at $13 a week, the landlord wants $91. However, with Abbott’s maths (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication) he calculates $28 only.


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Horrible Histories is a BBC TV show for children based on a series of books. It describes historical facts and includes all the ‘unpleasant’ parts of the stories so that children find it interesting.

The TV show was a great success because it was funny and interesting. Children and adults loved it. It covered many different historical periods and gave them names such as:

  • The Savage Stone Age
  • The Groovy Greeks
  • The Rotten Romans
  • The Vicious Vikings
  • The Stormin’ Normans
  • The Measly Middle Ages
  • The Terrible Tudors
  • The Vile Victorians
  • The Frightful First World War
  • The Woeful Second World War

Here is the scene about William the Conqueror and his wife Matilda. They were married for 30 years and had 11 children, but their romance had a difficult start.

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In Europe, you measure height in metres and centimetres.

In the UK and the US, we use the imperial system, and that includes feet and inches. The ‘foot’ was based on 1/3 of the length of King Henry I’s arm. 1 inch is about 2.4 cm. There are 12 inches in 1 foot. I measure 1.74 m, but in the UK people say that I measure 5 feet, 8 and a quarter inches !

Now, the tallest person in the world was Robert Wadlow who lived in the US from February 22, 1918 to July 15, 1940. Unfortunately, he died very young and at his death he measured 8 feet 11 inches, thats 2.72m.

Can you imagine that ? Just look at this film of the gentle giant with his father !

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