We have many idiomatic expressions using colours. Here are some common ones.

A good gardener ?

A good gardener ?

  1. He’s a very good gardener. He really has green thumbs !
  2. Manual workers who work in a factory are sometimes called blue collar workers.
  3. If you spend more money than you have on your bank account, you will be in the red.
  4. If you receive a surpise call from a long lost contact, you can say that they called you out of the blue.
  5. When you get the agreement to do something, you can say that you have the green
  6. He is new to the job and doesn’t have a lot of experience. He is a bit green.
  7. When it’s difficult to say where responsibility lies, or if the answer is not clear because there are 2 opposing views, we can say that it’s a bit of a grey
  8. You don’t look well ! You look as white as a ghost.
  9. He said to Tom that he would tell his wife everything if Tome didn’t pay him 10 000€. It was a typical case of blackmail.
  10. We’re going to celebrate your promotion and go out for a drink. We’re going to paint the town red !


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