Each year, on the 14th of February, people send cards, flowers, or gifts to their special person. That day, St Valentine’s day, is named for a Christian martyr. St Valentine was captured and tortured by the Romans on the 14th of February 273 AD and this date was adopted as his name day. In the Middle Ages, the day started representing romantic love although many people believe that the Pagan fertility festivals had a large influence on this.

Traditionally, people bought gifts or revealed their love with hand written notes until the Nineteenth Century. Commercial cards became popular and widely available. Sending cards is still part of the tradition today. The cards usually have some sort of message, poem, or code. Sending a card allows people the opportunity and courage to show their true feelings to the person they love.

Popular gifts include boxes of chocolates, flowers, jewelry, perfume or more personal presents. Sometimes, people prefer to go out for a meal, go to the cinema or spend the evening together instead of exchanging gifts.

And you? How do you spend Valentine’s Day?

It’s Tuesday.  It’s time for another technical picture to learn vocabulary.

Look at the picture below.


Can you name all the parts of the helicopter?

The picture is courtesy of Ryanlerch and can be found on wikipedia.

The time has come again.  It’s an idiom to discover !

Look at the picture below.  Can you find the idiom described on the picture?

What is the guy on the left asking ?

What is the guy on the left asking ?

Post your answers in the comments and see who gets it first!  Ready? Get set! Gooooooo!

It was famous for a while and it’s back again on the Aequinox blog.  For your viewing pleasure, here is the first episode of series one of “Mind your language” with subtitles.

Who is your favourite character?  And can you find the expressions Ali Nadim is mangling?  Jelly good!