Stop being sexist ! Yes, some men can cook and many women are happy doing DIY (decorating, repairs and modernising homes).

During my last trip to the UK, I saw a van that advertised a women’s building firm. If you thought the FBI was an American secret servie, check out and see how “craftsmen” are becoming “craftswomen” on the Female Builders and Interiors website.

Just before you do that, try this short activity to see if you know this helpful vocabulary.

vocab - tools

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old rolls

Most people drive cars and when you go on holiday abroad, you sometimes rent cars.

This sheet will help you revise words for your car, if you have one !

As I’m English, the words used here are British words. We will prepare a sheet with American words as well in the near future.

vocab - car

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How are you feeling today ? Many adjectives that describe emotions are similar in French and in English. Not all of them, of course, and so here is a small list to help you.

After reading it, you’ll feel ecstatic?

How are you feeling ?

How are you feeling ?

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It’s Tuesday.  It’s time for another technical picture to learn vocabulary.

Look at the picture below.


Can you name all the parts of the helicopter?

The picture is courtesy of Ryanlerch and can be found on wikipedia.

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