Tennis. A romantic game ?

Tennis. A romantic game ?

Do you like tennis ? Do you love tennis ? Have you noticed that in English, a tennis umpire sometimes uses the word ‘love’ ? “15 – love”, “30 – love”.

Do you know why ? Well, it’s because of the French. Yes, the French have a reputation as romantic lovers, but it’s not because of that.

As tennis originated in France (Yes ! It comes from the word ‘Tenez!’ as the player hits the ball.), the scoring was announced in French. The egg symbolizes having nothing (as it is round, like a zero) and when a player’s score is zero, they say “egg”. When you say “egg” in French (l’oeuf) it sounds like “love”. So when English-speaking people started playing the sport, they used the French word as it was fashionable.

So now you know !

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